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newer gmc conversion van.Conversion vans are vehicles that have been modified or completed by a van conversion specialist or company specializing in conversions. A typical conversion van will have upgrades such as raised roofs, captains chairs, paneling, sofa chairs, and some have TVs, fold-out beds, kitchens and bathrooms.

This type of "RV Van" is popular for large families for everyday use - running the kids to practice, etc. It has also become popular for travel enthusiasts. GMC conversion vans are among the most popular type of this vehicle.

Yet another group this vehicle scores point with is the handicapped. These vans can be equipped to allow accessibility for a wheelchair or scooter user. Many will also work with devices designed to make it easier for people to drive.

At InsideYourRV.com we have dedicated special pages to each major van manufacturuer including GMC, Ford, Chevy and Dodge. We aim to help you collect good information about each kind of conversion van that is available and then make a great purchase for your next road trip.

Did you know that a conversion van can also make a great gift to a charitable organization. Many youth groups, churches and other non profit orgainzations are on the lookout for ways to transport participants who need special travel accomodations. If you have reached the end of your use for your most recent van conversion please consider making a donation of that vehicle to a non profit group which coudl extend the life of the vehicle for a very good cause.

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