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Camping out with Fresh Supplies– your food storage containers should ensure this much

The backpacker will probably have little concern about what this article is all about because he or she is forced to live on a limited diet that is almost Spartan in nature. For the car camper however (and this mostly has to do with a family setup or a group of friends) matters of food storage are of primary concern. This is particularly with regard to the variety of diet that a camper or RV offers you by virtue of the refrigerator therein. The food storage containers that you have can make or break the very spirit of your outdoor stay.

Your food storage containers should primarily avoid spoilage

To avoid spoilage which is mainly to do with perishable foods the food storage container should be just right. A food storage container that you should never leave at home is the cooler. Having two of such will be an added advantage as you will be able to store drinks and solid foods separately. The mere fact that drinks are used more often means that a single cooler will have its ice melted faster thus exposing the food to damage.

Improper use of food storage containers has its consequences

While the choice of food storage container may be on target, the manner in which it is used will significantly determine how well the food keeps. Many people have been ignorant or careless for that matter but the disgusting whiff of spoiled steak or a subsequent aching of tummies serves well to remind campers that food storage containers should be used as per their design.

Your food storage container will also determine if you share food with the animals

One error that most people make when they are out camping is assuming that animals and birds will respect their food – it doesn’t work that way. Before you go out playing it is advisable that you keep all the supplies in secure food storage containers that will prevent uninvited guests in the form of squirrels, gulls, crows, skunks, and raccoons from making a feast of your food.




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