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Truly Cook in Nature with Wenzel Cast Iron Cookware

When camping, it is important to have the right kind of cookware. All the way back to the 1800s, campers have been using various types of cookware to make eating in the wilderness much easier and safer.

Wenzel Cast Iron Cookware gives you that same essence that the campers in the old west had as they cooked their meals and there are different elements to Wenzel Cast Iron Cookware that you値l enjoy.

Characteristics of Wenzel Cast Iron Cookware

Wenzel Cast Iron Cookware does not wear out very easily. As a matter of fact, because it is cast iron, you値l find that it is very durable. It has to be because of the wear and tear that it will be under from the camping environment.

You値l find that you can take a piece of Wenzel Cookware and throw it up against the side of a rock and it will survive. But why would you want to do that? The point is that you値l very easily be able to cook your meals over an open fire with this cookware.

And what is great about cast iron cookware is that it thoroughly cooks your food and also makes your food taste great. There is something about the flavoring that good cast iron cookware adds to food.

What is included?

There are several pieces of cast iron cookware. The skillet has left and right pour spouts, there is a dutch oven, a griddle, a leather mitten, trivet, and a lid lifter. Each cast iron cooking piece comes with a carry bag and your entire Wenzel Cast Iron Cookware set comes with a wooden box to pack everything into.

Everything together weighs approximately 40 pounds. This may seem heavy, but is necessary if you want to have a sturdy cookware set to go camping with. You値l be able to cook anything and everything you want when you have the proper cookware.

And, of course, you are able to include any cooking accessories that you feel you may need to cook comfortably at your campsite. With the Wenzel Cast Iron Cookware set, you can have everything that you need to cook a meal right there.




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