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When you take your family camping for a week, do you often think there canít be anything left at home because it all seems to be in the tent? Shoes, sunglasses, books, and personal items litter the floor. There hardly seems to be room to move around. Wasnít the point of this trip to get away from it all? Donít despair. There are closets for camping. A portable cupboard provides a space for all that stuff. There, now donít you feel better?

Camping Logic Camping Closet

The Camping Logic Camping Closet is a nifty little organizer shaped to fit right up against a tentís sloping side. Itís basically a set of six cubbies that is 25 inches wide and tall. However, the depth varies so that it is 15 inches at the bottom and only six inches deep at the top, which gives the unit a sloping back. Each cubby measures approximately 12 x 8 inches, and there are special pockets for tissues, water bottles, CDs, and a CD player. A roll-up flap covers the front if need be. Made of nylon with fiberglass poles, the closet weighs only 8.5 pounds and folds away to a small size for storage.

Guide Gear Camp Closet

This camp closet is a good one if you need a larger storage space. Here you can hang up shirts or jackets, although the total height of 4.5 feet wonít accommodate full-length items. Or store your sleeping bags and pillows during the day. Beneath the open hanging area are two shelves for storing smaller items. Polyester fabric with a front zip opening and an aluminum frame keep the closet light, about seven pounds.

Coleman Hanging Tent Organizer

If you need to store some things inside your tent but thereís no floor space to spare, try Colemanís Hanging Tent Organizer. This cone-shaped storage unit tapers towards the top and hangs from a pole or hook at the top of your tent. It has three shelves for stowing lightweight items. Sturdy mesh screening secures everything inside while letting you see whatís in there.

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Whether camping is just a starting point for hunting or is the main attraction of your trip, a knife will come in handy. An outdoor knife needs a good-quality sharp blade, a comfortable handle, and a safe way to keep and carry it.

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Thereís an old saying among campers: What you sleep on is just as important as what you sleep in. Translation: It takes more than a warm sleeping bag to keep you comfortable at night.

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