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Choosing Between Coleman Folding Chairs

One of the pleasures of camping and RVing is the quality time you get to spend outdoors. Sitting in the shade and enjoying the calm breeze is always enjoyed. What better way to remain comfortable than by bringing along a compact and portable folding chair? Coleman makes a variety of folding chairs that are easy to pack and easy to set up. For fishing by the lake, reading in the shade, or conversing around the evening camp fire, a portable camping chair is the ideal accessory.

Chairs with Tables, Armrests, Ergonomic and Chairs for Little Campers!

Prices range from $13.99 for a youth's quad chair (with dimensions of 24 x 14 x 26 and capable of holding 160 pounds) to $98.49 for a full size Marine Deck Chair with a built-in side table. The chair is ergonomically designed in its angled seat back and armrests, and folds easily for an easy 5.6 pound carry. Another item of interest is the High Backed Sling Chair in red or khaki colors for $56.49, which features dimensions of 23 x 22.5 x 35.5, an ergonomic design, and has curved armrests for better support.

There are also selections for young adults, like the Young Adult Quad Chair, in colors of solar glow or constellation ($17.99), a line of Portable Deck Chairs in colors of charcoal, red and and blue ($52.49) and Oversized Quad Chairs; 36 ¼ x 24 x 40 ½ inches tall, and with an accompanying small cooler that holds 3-4 cans for only $30.49.

Folding Camping Stools and Outdoor Camping Tables

Other folding merchandise is offered including Trekking and Rambler Stools for $16.49 as well as outdoor tables, kitchens and tablet sets. The Pack Away Set comes in three selections, a standard table for four ($129.99) or a family size ($147.99), each with a large table and two opposite padded benches for seating. For a cheaper date, then try the Pack Away Set for two at just $72.49 for a table and two stools.

Coleman folding chairs are inexpensive and can help you relax when it's time to sit outside the RV and meditate on what a wonderful life it all is. You can find great deals on camping chairs on Ebay, scroll down to see the live auction below:

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