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Kerosene, or oil, lanterns are the classic American lanterns, seen in countless movies and television shows. This is the legendary lantern kicked over by Mrs. OíLearyís cow to start the Great Chicago Fire in 1871. Once a staple of American households a kerosene lantern provides more or less steady light while the glass chimney shields the flame from drafts. Even after most homes had electricity, lanterns were still used in barns and railroad yards, and by campers. Although now largely replaced by battery-powered lanterns, kerosene lanterns are still in use at many campgrounds every summer.

Oil Lanterns

Oil lanterns are similar to kerosene lanterns and differ only in the fuel they use, usually pure liquid paraffin. Both types of lamps have a reservoir at the base to hold the fuel, which is drawn up through the wick by capillary action. At the tip of the wick, the flame heats the oil to a gas, which then ignites. This is where the light comes from. A glass globe, or chimney, both protects the flame from wind and confines the igniting gas. A lantern like this may be enclosed in a metal frame with a carrying handle for outdoor use. Oil lanterns may be preferred because the liquid paraffin is cleaner burning than kerosene.

Lamplight Farms Classic Lamp

Lamplight Farms is responsible for the innovation that led to the development of liquid paraffin as a lamp fuel. This clean-burning fuel is odorless, smokeless, and soot-free. The Classic model lamp recalls a time before electricity provided light everywhere. This lamp can be used at a campsite if placed securely on a table. The frosted glass base is five inches in diameter; the flare-top chimney that sits atop the brass burner brings the lampís total height up to 13.5 inches.

GLOBrite Hurricane Lanterns

GLOBrite Hurricane Lanterns have the appearance of traditional kerosene lanterns with the metal frame and carrying handle. These lanterns come in three sizesó10, 12, or 15 inches tallóand four colors: green, blue, black, or red. For versatility, they burn either kerosene or the cleaner lamp oil.

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Whether camping is just a starting point for hunting or is the main attraction of your trip, a knife will come in handy. An outdoor knife needs a good-quality sharp blade, a comfortable handle, and a safe way to keep and carry it.

Camping Knives

When youíre outdoors there is just so much to see! And if youíre like me, you donít want to miss anything. Whether itís something across a mountain valley or a bird in a nearby tree you want to see it up close. This is where a good pair of binoculars comes in handy.

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Camping lanterns

Few things enhance a campout like a lantern. Try making cocoa, setting up beds, or washing dishes in the dark. You can always make your buddy or one of the kids hold a flashlight, but thatís pretty inefficient..

Outdoor Lanterns

When planning your next camping trip, donít overlook the importance of outdoor lighting. Of course, you would probably think of a flashlight or two, and maybe a table top lantern for general illumination..

Hanging Candle Lanterns

Sometimes it seems like one campsite looks just like another. While many campgrounds are scenic and enjoyable, others seem to be built on an old parking lot.

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