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Antifreeze – Give your RV the Special Treatment

Drinkable Antifreeze for RV.Winter is here and the mercury dipped below the freezing point. This winter, the migratory birds are going to fly south to beat the cold but how are you going to protect your recreation vehicle from freezing temperatures? It’s hibernation time for the squirrels, the bear, the snakes as well as for recreational vehicles.

In fact some motor homes will require more pampering than typical towables. The first thing that you would need to do is protect your RV from any interior or exterior damage. The reason your vehicle really needs an RV antifreeze PVC is to enable a proper heat transfer.

Protecting Your RV - The Anti-Freeze Way
The first place to start is the plumbing in the RV - it needs all the protection you can provide. Firstly, you need to drain all the tanks, the water heater by opening all the faucets till they run dry. Now you can use the RV Water Line antifreeze propylene glycol for your fresh water piping, as it will help guarantee that none of the pipes freeze.

If you use it according to the instructions provided, it will protect the rig even in sub zero temperatures. The amount of antifreeze requirement depends on the size or length of your plumbing system. The standard requirement is about 1-3 gallons but if you do not have a water heater bypass, then you would require about 6-10 gallons. For this type of treatment, and if you have little ones, it is advisable that you consider using a drinkable antifreeze for RV option.

If you have an ADC cartridge water filter fitted under the sink, then please remove it and replace it with the manufacturer’s antifreeze diverter. Run the pump and open each faucet so that the antifreeze starts flowing out. Do not forget to flush after the antifreeze has stopped flowing. Each fixture needs to be worked on one at a time, so that you don’t miss out on anything. Another important thing to remember is that all types of antifreeze can pick up heavy metal contamination during service. If it is contaminated by lead, then it could be potentially hazardous.

The main ingredient of all antifreeze is Glycol. In the earlier part of the century, people have used glycol-based Brands for freeze and corrosion protection for their vehicles’ cooling systems. Most consumers today buy antifreeze, which has either ethylene glycol (EG) or propylene glycol (PG). The more popular form of antifreeze sold these days is a propylene glycol Brand. (Some people even use this Brand in their spas - Spas and RV type antifreeze).

Ethylene Glycol
Propylene Glycol

In most of the RV antifreeze, phosphate is added as a corrosion inhibitor. Inhibitors can be organic or inorganic chemicals. When water is added to the inhibitor, it gets activated, which in turn allows them to protect the metals. Hence, it is very important to mix water with antifreeze. Although the phosphate form of antifreeze is used in the United States, European markets strictly prohibit their use. They believe that the phosphate will later on lead to formation of scales on the cooling system walls.

Some of the benefits of phosphate antifreeze are that they protect aluminum engine components. They provide corrosion protection, freeze and boil protection and act as a buffer to keep antifreeze mixture alkaline. This largely prevents acid build-ups, which might destroy or eat away metal engine parts. Remember, no matter what kind of recreational vehicle you have, it is important to maintain the cooling system.

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