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People on the move in the Recreational Vehicles (RVs) enjoy the challenges of a tough life. Though America is awake to their needs, which they have acknowledged by setting up RV campgrounds with all possible facilities allover, yet you cannot compare a homemade meal with food that is available at campground eateries. Ask any RV traveler, and they will tell you that no food can beat a homemade meal. If you love good homemade food, you can go for an RV range for your recreational vehicle.

RV Range
RV Gas Range.RV ranges come in many designs and styles to suit your RV needs. You may opt for a range that offers you better control through linear gas control valves. Though an RV range is designed with space constrictions in mind, look for one that provides more surface area for skillets, pans, and pots.

Check out whether the RV range you intend buying has a deep well to contain any spills. You may look at the specifications to ensure of a high output, which should be around 9,000 BTUH for the larger front burner, and 6,500 BTUH for the rear burners. This will ensure that you save time on cooking.

Magic Chef RV Range (Now Maytag)
Magic Chef RV Range.
The Magic Chef RV ranges are now being marketed under the brand name Maytag. These gas stoves are ruggedly built to handle the rough and tumble of RV life. They might be tough on the interior, but the exteriors are stylish that makes your cooking area look great.

All Magic Chef Range models (now Maytag) come with a towel bar handle and a control panel that is conveniently placed. To facilitate fast cooking the super burner gives a 9100 BTU output, with the other two burners ensuring a 6500 BTU output each. Featuring heavy steel cook-top grates and high-gloss aluminum burner heads, these RV ranges offer a deep-well Spill Catcher top for cleaning messy spills quickly. The ovens are large-capacity and offer a built-in broiler with multi-position non-tilt chrome racks.

RV Cooktop
You may even opt for a Suburban RV cooktop, which normally comes in two basic models – Drop-in and Slide-in.

drop in rv cooktop.    rv slide-in cooktop.

Suburban RV Cooktops that come with an affordable price tag are designed to fit all kinds of RV kitchens. The Drop-in two-burner model offers 6,500 BTUH burners, while the three-burner model features a front 6,500 BTUH burner and two rear 5,200 BTUH burners with front right controls. The Slide-in three-burner Piezo RV cooktop model features a high-output 9,000 BTUH front burner, with two 6,500 BTUH rear burners.

RV Gas Range / LPG RV Range
Cooking on an RV gas range or an LPG RV range has always been considered superior to electric-driven ranges. Besides, turning heat on and off instantly, you can adjust the heat with accuracy and speed. An RV gas range might seem an expensive proposition earlier on, but it more than compensates by halving your energy bill. Some LPG RV range ovens now come with heat convection facility. A small fan is provided to blow hot air, which helps food cook quickly.

Check out our recommended resources below for attractive deals and offers on these and many other models of RV range and kitchen appliances.

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