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Magic Chef RV Stove - A Must for your RV

While out in the wilderness vacationing in your recreational vehicle, you cannot imagine doing without your RV stove. These stoves have a variety of features to provide excellent facilities to RV-ers. One such stove designed specially for RV lifestyle is the Magic Chef RV stove. Magic Chef RV Stove.However, the Magic Chef RV range of Brands now resides under the brand name of Maytag. A stove under the Maytag Brand line serves as a great replacement for an old Magic Chef unit.

Why Magic Chef RV Stoves Are Ideal For Your RV
Magic Chef Stoves for recreational vehicles are able to withstand the rigors of RV travel. This stove is a stylish kitchen appliance used for warming or cooking food. Gas cook tops and ranges give the convenience and high performance of a traditional kitchen stove. All models include a towel bar oven handle and an easy-to-read control panel. These three burner gas stoves contain two 6,500 BTU burners and 1, 9,100 BTU super burner with infinite heat control. This cooking unit features heavy steel cook tops, high-gloss aluminum burner heads, a scuff resistant steel surface and deep-well Spill Catcher top. True seal burners keep spills from getting under the cook top. This makes clean up a simple process. The large capacity ovens include a built-in broiler with multi-position non-tilt chrome racks.

Gas Stoves vs. Electric Heaters
In many respects, cooking with gas is superior to cooking with electric burners. In a gas stove, heat turns on and off instantly, and quickly and accurately can one adjust it. Although a gas range may be more expensive to buy, the savings in energy when compared with an electric range make it a bargain. These days most of the newer models of gas ranges use an electronic ignition as opposed to a pilot light. This saves an additional thirty percent in energy costs.

Gas burners deliver heat very well regardless of whether or not the bottom of the pot has a dent or is warped. Standard gas cook tops have four burners. Sealed burners are easier to clean, but slightly less responsive to temperature adjustments. Ovens are either self-cleaning or continuous cleaning. The self-cleaning ovens have a cycle that uses very high heat and reduces oven deposits to ash and do not require regular cleaning. Continuous cleaning ovens have a special finish that allows oxidation of deposits at normal cooking temperatures. These do not clean quite as efficiently as the self-cleaning models, but cost less.

Some gas ovens for recreational vehicles now come with convection heating in which a small fan blows the hot air around the oven so that food cooks more quickly. Convection ovens are more expensive than traditional ovens, but they are excellent energy savers, which is a much-needed benefit of every owner of a luxury vehicle.

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