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Add-A-Room™ To Your RV or Trailer

Carefree of Colorado makes an outdoor screen room perfect for extending the space of any RV, travel trailer or camper. They call it the Add-A-Room™. Increase your living space and keep annoying bugs out of your environment with an Add-A-Room™for your RV or camper. We have located a variety of add a room deals and information for you to consider and have some links on this page to help you discover even more informaiton about if an Add-A-Room™ is right for you! Most are constructed using 10 oz. 500 denier vinyl laminate. Many feature sewn in privacy panels that velcro together when unrolled. Some are 14' camper awnings and others are screen rooms that extend comfort and living space to any camper. These are an enjoyable an economical way to expand your living area. They give you the freedom of carefree living in your camper or RV. We have found that competitive prices on these items can by shopping several online retailers and doing some comparisons. Finding lightly used product can also save you some money.

In most add on rooms, a sidewall flap helps to secure the room to the lid support of the pop-up trailer, camper or RV, resulting in a better seal to the tent area. Many have button snap fasteners that attach the room to the side of the coach. Most sizes and styles are available - just click on an auction above to learn more.
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