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A Fireplace In Your RV? The Best Portable Options Out There

Why People Want Fireplaces In Their RVs

Fireplaces provide additional warmth in the winter, and they add to the ambience and “homieness” of the RV.

Some RVs come equipped with a fireplace, but for those that don’t, there are some great portable options available.

The two most practical choices are electric and gel fuel fireplaces. The latter choice offers you a real fire, with flames produced by a special type of fuel.

RV Fireplace Options
Portable electric fireplaces are a trouble free option – you just plug them into a standard electrical outlet. In the past, people complained that the simulated flames in these fireplaces did not look real, but with advances in technology, they have become more authentic-looking (such as the dancing flame logs offered by My Favorite Things).

Gel fuel fireplaces can be situated virtually anywhere because there are no wires to take into consideration. Since these fireplaces use their own special fuel, you save on the cost of generating electricity. Another benefit of the gel fuel fireplace is that it can operate during a power failure, when you might need heat the most.

Direct vent fireplaces burn natural gas or propane, not wood. These gas fireplaces give off virtually no particulates, unlike wood-burners. Air to feed the flame enters from outside and the relatively cool combustion gases are extracted through a vent in the roof.

There are also vent-free fireplaces that have an oxygen depletion sensor to shut off the gas if the oxygen level ever dips below a preset level. However, these ventless models produce large amounts of indoor moisture that may damage the structure of your RV, and some municipalities and counties do not permit them.

What To Consider When Buying A Fireplace
If you’re in the market for a fireplace, here are some important elements to consider:
1. Make sure Underwriter Laboratories (UL) has tested the fireplace you’re buying.
2. Purchase a brand name – for such a sensitive appliance, it’s smart to go with a company that has built a reputation for quality Brands and expert craftsmanship
3. Select a fireplace that suits your lifestyle – electric and gel fuel fireplaces are the best options for the active RVer.
4. Have your fireplace inspected and maintained annually.

Safety Considerations
RVs burn quickly, with little chance for escape, so it is important to follow fire safety precautions:
1. Ensure the fire is out completely before retiring for the night or leaving the RV.
2. Always use a fireplace screen
3. Keep a fire extinguisher handy, and install smoke detectors in the RV
4. Keep flammables such as newspapers, magazines, rugs and carpeting well away from the fireplace.
5. Warn children about the danger of fire, and do not allow them to play close to the fireplace.

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