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How To RV With Your Pet – What You Need To Know

Tips For Traveling With Big Dogs
According to Ron Epstein, editorial director of Highways magazine, a publication of the Good Sam RV Club, about 41% of all dog owners who set out on the road in their RVs take the family pet with them.

Your dog can become a happy (and safe) camper too, with a little groundwork. Following the guidelines below will help to make their RV jaunt a safe and enjoyable experience:

• If you have not yet bought an RV, pick a design that will work for you and your dog’s needs
• Keep in mind that, during a sudden stop or (heaven forbid) and accident, loose pets can be hurt or even killed. They can also hurt others should they be thrown through the air. To help keep your pet and family safe, it is prudent to have your dog restrained in some manner during travel. Some folks prefer the classic , while others prefer a pet seat harness.
• Get your dog comfortable with quick car rides first if he isn’t used to traveling

• Take your dog to the veterinarian for a pre-trip checkup
• Bring some of their favorite treats so they feel more at home
• Bring items that are familiar to your pooch. His favorite dog bed or blanket, favorite toy, his favorite travel water and food dishes he is used to eating out of...
• Stop about every three hours while en route so your dog can relieve himself, stretch his legs and get a drink
• Depending on where you are going and what activities the dog will have, be sure and pack flea and tick repellent.
• If you are traveling to campgrounds where your dog cannot roam free, or, you simply don't want them to run off (and catch the eye of a Cougar), an outdoor pet exercise pen might be for you. These items allow your dog (or cat) to be outdoors, get exercise, and not run off or explore in places they shoudn't.
• Make sure you have your pet's medical records and your vet's phone number. It is also a good idea to get the phone number of a local vet once you arrive at your destination.
• Bring a leash, and an extra leash.

Tips For Traveling With Cats
For your cat’s safety, crate him while traveling. You may in fact have to train your cat to travel in his carrier long before you embark on your RVing journey, especially if he is usually a stay-at-home pet whose only travel experience is the occasional trip to the vet. To get him used to the carrier crate, place it in an area of the house that he frequents. In the event of an accident your cat could be injured or could cause injury to others. Also, after an accident, you will want to be able to simply grab your cat's carrier and get them out of the vehicle, rather than trying to locate them in a hiding spot somewhere.

Other handy items to bring along for your cat include:
• Their favorite cat toys and scratching posts
• It can be close quarters traveling with a furry companion in an RV or trailer, a good litter box , litter and deodorizer will make your trip more pleasant
• A figure eight leash - super handy if your feline likes to go on walks, or, if you want them to potty outside, but don't want them running off
• If your pet doesn't prefer the figure eight harness model, bring a "regular" cat harness/leash

Tips For Traveling With Birds
Many bird owners are packing their feathered pals into the camper and taking them along on RV trips.

As long as you’re careful to prevent escape, guard against temperature extremes, and protect your bird from other animals, he can safely go anywhere you do.

Items that can help keep your birdie safe and happy on their adventure include:

• A bird travel cageor "come along" carrier

• For times when the RV is not in motion, a bird gym or playpen can come in handy and keep birdie happy

What To Do With Your Pets If The RV Breaks Down

Remember that pets can experience heatstroke when left in a small space or in a hot vehicle. If your RV breaks down make sure your pet has enough ventilation. If you need to stay at a motel while the RV is being repaired, enquire first whether it is pet-friendly. If you have to cut your vacation short and fly home, find out from the airline what are the requirements for traveling with your pet.

Finding Pet-Friendly RV Parks
• Request a spot as far removed from the common sites as possible when you make your reservation, explaining that you travel with pets and that, while they are obedient, you understand that not everyone is a pet lover

• Try to get a place with shade for your pets if it’s hot

• Keep your pets quiet and on your allocated spot

• Do not tie your dog outside unless you will always be present

Pick up any droppings on your site right away, put them in a plastic bag so they will not draw insects or smell, and get rid of them properly

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