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Top 10 Tips To Make Camping and RVing With Children A Wonderful Experience

1. Kid Friendly Campgrounds - Make sure the campgrounds you stay at are child friendly. A lot of campgrounds cater to children, with hayrides and other activities. Information on activities available can be found in campground directories, which can help you to find the best campgrounds for your family. Of course, activities don’t have to be structured – children can entertain themselves as well.

2. Have a Great Toy Chest and Games! - Get the most out of your child’s toys. Lego’s, Barbie dolls with different outfits, and children’s computers with a number of learning programs are perfect, since they give the child choices and encourage creativity. Bikes and outdoor toys encourage play outside. And if your RV has a DVD player, children’s movies can be a lifesaver on a rainy day.

3. Refreshments - When traveling, keep a separate cooler filled with drinks, cold water and snacks that the children can help themselves to. To reduce heat gain, keep the RV refrigerator off-limits to young children.

4. The Right Baby Supplies - If you have a baby a good stroller is a must. Look for a stroller that is not too cumbersome and has a removable covering to make cleaning easier. A backpack is also great for outdoor walks, and is much more compact.

5. Child Proofing - Keep your child safe. Make sure the front-entry door is dead-bolted while on the road, to prevent kids from accidentally opening the door while you are driving. Install safety plugs in any unused AC outlets. Hide or cover floor vents when not in use to prevent accidents.

6. Play Outside Together - Try to experience the outdoors with your kids. Do outdoor chores together – collecting firewood, filling water containers, outdoor cooking, etc. Have contests for gathering the most kindling, best camp cooking, most organized gear, fastest cleanup, etc.

7. Use sleeping bags. This eliminates the need to make up a bed with sheets and blankets, and the children like it because it seems more like camping. Pack their favorite sleep supplies, such as pillows and stuffed animals.

8. Stretch your travel dollars. Travel shorter distances and stay in the same place for an extra couple of days. Enjoy the free entertainment around you – hiking, birdwatching, walking on the beach.

9. Homeschooling and full time RV travel can be a great combination. You may find a school agreeable to working with your family and integrating your travel plans into the curriculum. Cyber schools are another option, whereby your child participates in “real school” with teachers and fellow students, yet is not physically present.

10. Choose your RV carefully. Pop-ups and Class-C motorhomes are particularly good choices for families on a tight budget. Most pop-ups provide two queen-sized beds in foldout wings. Many also have a dinette that makes a bed, and some of the larger ones also have a foldout couch bed.

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