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Things To Consider When Buying A Solar RV Battery Charger

Why get caught with a dead battery because you're a power hog when you can charge it while you use it. Chances are, you can harness the sun's free energy while camping in your RV so that everything's stays on and your battery's life stays long.

The cost of solar panel battery chargers has come down quite a bit so you have no excuse for replacing your RV and boat batteries every few years. Deep cycle RV and marine batteries will typically last twice as long as an SLI battery. However, even these monsters can have their lives severely shortened with the kind of demand power hungry campers and boaters can place on them.
Large watercraft and recreational vehicles drain their batteries much quicker. As a result, their battery's storage power becomes less and less. Thus, the overall battery life is lessened. Utilizing a 12V solar battery charger keeps your battery charged using the sun's free energy and promotes longer battery life.

You can find chargers for under $100 and some for even half that. A 5 Watt, 12V 12.5" X 12.5" charger by Silicon Solar is one such inexpensive charger.

They also carry foldable 7 Watt chargers that fold in half to 6" X 14." Many of their models come in both 6V and 12V versions.

You'll want to take a solar battery charger with you in your RV especially when you're staying at a park or a campground for an extended period of time.

Solar battery chargers are great for taking on boating, hiking, hunting, and many other outdoor adventures, as well.

Popular Options:
There are many models and types of solar battery chargers available today.

Among the most popular are the solar 6 volt lead acid battery charger, double A (AA), triple A (AAA) solar battery chargers, 9v solar battery charger, and multi-purpose solar panel & battery charger. Solar RV battery chargers can be used to get you back online with your gadgets when you're out on the road or if you're in a a remote area without hookups. See below for more RV travel and camping resources.

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