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RV Bathroom – Options Before You

Life for RV travelers is full of fun and excitement, as well as challenges. Living in limited space is a challenge in itself, and true RV enthusiasts take it all in their stride.

An RV bathroom is one of the most important facets of RV living. A complete RV bathroom comes with a toilet, a shower or bathtub, and a sink with running water. A half bathroom has a toilet, and bathtub or shower.

Different Options for RV Bathrooms and Bathroom Fittings

RV Bathroom Fittings - Unlimited Options
RV Bathroom Fittings.

You may even opt for a bathroom suite, depending on the space that you may have on hand. The basic RV bathroom suite contains a sink, toilet, and a bath with matching taps and handles. There is room for more appliances in a bathroom suite. You should decide on your budget, before planning on the type of bathroom for your RV. With a budget in mind, you can set out to shop for your bathroom suite. Depending on how much you decide to spend, you could choose the accessories like gold plated or chrome plated taps and handles.

Apart from these necessities, you also need to decide on buying other RV bathroom accessories and furniture. These include mirrors and bathroom cabinets. You should decide on the design and style of the cabinets for storage of your toiletries, and other supplies depending on the size of your RV and the space at your disposal. Cabinets come with the needs of RV bathrooms in mind, which provide you better options.

For optimum use of space, you can opt for a cabinet that has a mirror, lights and a shaver socket.

Your RV bathroom will be vying for space with the kitchen, beds, and cupboards. You could have an RV with a large living area, bedrooms, refrigerators and a bathroom suite. Based on your budget and life style, you can either have a recreational vehicle with simple facilities or a luxurious and elaborate setup.

Once you have decided on the RV bathroom, you need to pay attention to the size of the holding tanks, where they are to be installed, the connection pipes and hoses, and how to clean the tanks. If you are traveling through colder areas, you should install heated tanks to prevent water from freezing and pipes from busting. Using antifreeze for holding tanks is an effective way to avoid these situations. Generally, the RV bathrooms should have three water tanks; one for fresh water, one for sinks and shower known as ‘gray water’, and one for toilet and sewage known as ‘black water’.

RV bathtub.If you are buying a trailer, keep in mind that the bathroom is high enough to accommodate a standing person. Shower areas normally have a skylight. Make sure that the skylight is not clear, as direct sunlight may warp the plastic fittings and fixtures in your RV bathroom.

You should use toilet cleaners specially made for RV toilets. Normal cleaners may damage your gasket and cause leaking. Place special RV toilet papers in the toilet and not the normal ones. For better sanitation, tanks need dumping before you leave the campground. Not to mention, carrying around fewer pounds will equate to fewer trips to the gas pump.

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