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RV beds tips and tricks

The RV Bed – Making Life Comfortable on Highways

Recreational Vehicles are the ultimate experience for people who love to camp outdoors and be constantly on the move.

Before discussing beds and sofa beds, we would like to provide some basic information on RVs and their types.

RVs or recreational vehicles are large mobile homes on wheels. RVs are designed in such a manner to support comfortable, on-the-road living.
RV Sofa Bed-An Important Piece of RV Furniture
rv sofa beds
RVs are generally categorized as ‘A’ class, 5th Wheeler, and ‘C’ class. Manufacturers of ‘A’ class RVs mount the motor home on the chassis, with provisions for all you may need while on the road. Fifth wheelers are towed motor homes that extend beyond the tow vehicle. A ‘C’ class RV is a custom motor body built on the chassis and cab with the bed area on top of the cab. Whatever be the type and style of RV you use, an RV bed or RV sofa bed is the most important piece of RV furniture that allows you homely comfort while you are on the move.

RV Bed- Confluence of Comfort and Space Management

Wall Sofa Becomes A Bed
RV bunk bed.

Your RV bed is one of the most pieces of furniture in your “abode on wheels”. It should provide you with all the comforts you may need to cope with the fatigue of highway driving. With limited space options, you may have to choose an RV sofa bed, which works as a sofa during the day and a bed at night. It is quite practical in these circumstances. Another great space-saving option is an RV bunk bed - great for kids!

While looking for the right RV sofa bed or an RV sleeper sofa, keep in mind the interior color scheme of your RV. A matching RV sofa bed or RV sleeper sofa would add value to the interiors.

Considerations for Selecting RV Sofa Bed
The RV sofa bed will form the focal point of your room. For that reason you may also be aware of its styling. As the sofa bed is likely to be the most used piece of RV furniture, its quality must be the most important consideration. Other factors that you should have in mind while buying an RV sofa bed or RV sleeper sofa are - color, style, design and durability.

Recliner RV Sofa Bed
RV sofa beds.

Since a sleeper sofa can be expensive, before purchasing one, make sure it will support your sleep during travel for at least 5 years. While deciding on the quality, you may determine how often you will be using the sleeper sofa, and how long you intend to keep it. If it is to be used more as a decorative piece, design and color considerations may be foremost in your mind. However, if you plan to use your RV sofa bed extensively, its quality and durability factors should be the prime considerations.

Whether you are buying an RV sofa bed, RV sleeper sofa or an RV folding bed, you should be looking at the construction of its frame.

Softer woods like pine or plywood will not last long. Select an RV magic bed with high-quality frame made of kiln-dried hardwood, with joints well secured with screws and not stapled or glued. Good quality coils will ensure good suspension and will not sag with use over a period of many years. Once you are sure of the quality, you can ask for different style and color options in accordance with your taste.

Check out our recommended resources below for attractive deals and offers on these and many other models of RV beds and RV Sofa beds.

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